Pro-Grade Ultra-Portable 100-Amp Electric Arc Welder – 110V


This portable, cost effective arc welder is the perfect machine for beginners and will prove very useful when carrying out small welding jobs around the house, garage and backyard.

Product Features

  • 100 Amp Arc Welder
  • Compact design
  • Light Weight
  • Voltage: 110 Vlt – Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Required Current: 26 Amp – Single Phase
  • Amperage Control: 45 To 100 Amp

Power and Performance

Offering variable amperage control from 45 to 100 amp, this compact and easy to handle arc welder has enough power to weld up to 1/4″ inch mild steel.

Comfort and Convenience

Small, lightweight and easy to handle.

What’s in the Box

Arc Welder, Welders Shield, Stinger

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