Tools for Less gives you the best and cheapest deals when buying all sorts of power tools online from all major manufacturers  In addition we have loads of in-depth reviews of many different power tools as well as an extensive set of DIY and home improvement how-tos. We also have lots of safety advice both in the home and out of it, such as preparing for a safer winter by installing roof snow guards or fences from Rocky Mountain Snow Guards.

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  • Buyers Guides
    From locks to power tools, our buyers guides make sure you select the right product, the first time.
  • DIY Building
    Information and advice about all kind of DIY building projects from insulation your home to building a partition wall.
  • DIY Decorating
    We answer all your decorating questions, such as what paint to use, how to wallpaper, and how to prepare surfaces properly.
  • DIY Woodwork
    Loads of info and advice on woodworking matters from choosing wood to sawing, drilling and finishing.
  • DIY Plumbing
    From choosing a wrench to fixing a tap, we have all the best plumbing DIY information and advice.
  • DIY Electrical
    Everything you need to know about home electrical systems, from wiring a plug to installing a new fuse box.
  • DIY Outdoors
    How-to guides for different outdoor building and renovation projects.
  • Misc Articles and Advice
    Here we present a huge amount of articles and advice on general DIY and home improvement topics.